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Pheucticus ludovicianus

This life-sized sculpture shows the delicate balance of songbirds and nature. The colors of late summer are captured at the leafy edge of the forest.

This piece utilizes the “smoothie” technique where no fine detail feather carving is done. All details are accomplished with paint brush alone. The bird is of tupelo, the branch is of brass, steel, and epoxy. Both are painted with acrylics. It was entered in the 2009 Ward World Carving Competition. It is in a private collection.

Chickadee on Grass 08

Poecile atricapilla

This latest entry in the chickadee collection is life-sized and captures the softness of the curious little bird. It depicts the uncertainty of its situation as it decides whether to stay or go.

The base is native Vermont maple burl and the bird is of tupelo. The grass is made of brass. This piece is in a private collection.

Carduelis tristis

This delicate piece captures the fragile nature of life as a small bird as fall approaches and grasses are no longer green.

The bird is of tupelo, the grass is steel and the base is maple burl. It is in a private collection.

Cardinalis cardinalis

This stunning piece stands 5 inches high. The impressive detail work can be seen in the close-up photos. The base is of red cedar, the bird is of tupelo and the vine is steel and brass.

It is in a private colletion. It was completed in January 2007.

Blue Jay

Cyanocitta cristata

The call of the blue jay is very distinctive. This free-standing representation of this songbird captures a jay in mid-cry. This piece is in a private collection.

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