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Winter Woos

These wonderful winter visitors to the Northeast are seen in flocks at the end of winter. Their plumage differs as to the time of the year and whether they are interested in breeding.

This wooden sculpture captures the bird’s optimism after the long winter.

Both male (the upper bird) and the female (lower bird) are carved of tupelo. They are indicative of my new dedication to detail. The intricate detail carving lends itself better to oil paints. The branch is brass.

The piece stands 9 inches high, and is in a private collection.

This is perhaps the finest example of my intricate detail work yet. This proud little sonsgster is busy belting a song from the protection of the high grass. It is made of tupelo and painted with oils. It is life-sized. It is in a private collection.

Lazuli Bunting

This delightful passerine may be seen in the Southwestern U.S. The full-sized carving captures the spunky attitude of this occasional visitor. TheĀ  bird is of tupelo, the base is lilac, and the piece was painted with oils. It is in a private collection.

Scarlet Tanager

This full-sized sculpture captures the beauty of the little passerine.

This post shows some of the steps in the painting. The nature of acrylic paint allows the artist to establish depth with the complementary purple color, the tone to be established with yellow and fimal hue to be adjusted with red.

The bird is tupelo, the branch and leaves are brass, and the base is mesquite and maple burl. It is in a private collection.

Spizella passerina

Jim crafted the strand of field grass upon which this colorful chipping sparrow delicately perches out of brass. The sparrow itself is carved from tupelo wood.

This carving was awarded 3rd Place at Concours Quebecois d’Sculpture Oiseaux in 2003. It is in a private collection.

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