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The Fight for Survival

This life-sized sculpture depicts the plight of the critically endangered Spoon-Billed Sandpiper. There are  felt to be less than 200 nesting pairs in Northern Asia. The chicks are under the protective wing for only 1-2 days after hatching.

This stunning creation is carved of a single piece of tupelo and painted with acrylics. It won a third place ribbon  at the 2013 Ward World Carving Championship in Ocean City, MD. It is in a private collection. It is approximately 4 inches high and 6 inches long.

The bird  can be seen in the following link      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0Mmd70n36w.

Treed Screech

This beautiful little life-sized rendition depicts the surprise of a gray-phase North American Eastern Screech Owl as it is discovered in the day-light. The normally nocturnally secretive hunter peers around the tree to see who has entered its domain.

The tree and owl are carved of tupelo and painted with mixed media. It is in a private collection.

The Moth Hunter

This fine wooden sculpture depicts the serene majesty of the long-eared owl. These denizens of the North Woods are seldom seen as they are quite nocturnal and shy. The Virginia creeper moth inhabits these woods as well.

This life-sized piece is made of tupelo and painted in oils. It stands 19 inches high.

The moth is also of tupelo and oils and is life-sized. The base is carved of multiple pieces and painted in acrylics. This beautiful wooden carving is available for purchase.

Mother Loon

This miniature sculpture shows a common sight on Northern lakes. Loon parents will transport their offspring and provide floating refuge.

It was a commission meant to depict motherhood with two progeny. They are carved of tupelo and painted with oils.


This miniature Red-shouldered Hawk stands 5 1/2 inches tall. It shows the majesty of the bird of prey as it warms itself in a sunspot. Or perhaps it is spreading out to appear larger than life to ward off a foe. The uniqueness of the carving allows the collector to adopt a story that fits his life-style. Such is art.

This finely detailed commissioned piece is carved in three parts of tupelo. It is painted in acrylics. A private collector now enjoys the work.

You’re Being Watched

This commissioned fine art wooden sculpture depicts the mysterious splendor of the snowy owl as seen in the marsh.   This snowy was designed to match the memory of a sighting by the collector  years ago. The carving was sized to fit an apartment and painted to accentuate its highlights so that it would be in harmony with its surroundings.

This splendid carving is nearly full sized. It stands nearly 14 inches high. It is carved from one piece of tupelo and painted in oils.

This is perhaps my finest representation of the majesty of the hunt. This agile woodland predator has successfully completed a foray and is proudly perched and considering lunch. The Snake is not happy, but still could escape.

This is a wall-mount design. The Hawk is made of tupelo, the base is tupelo and Hermanni wood. The snake is epoxy. They are painted with acrylics,

It is in a private collection.


Awards Sheet

Awards Sheet

Collage of Winners

Collage of Winners

Jim’s North American Wild Turkey took 1st place this week in the 3D category of the Southern Appalachian Artist Guild (SAAG) 2012 National Juried Show in Blue Ridge, Georgia

Winter Woos

These wonderful winter visitors to the Northeast are seen in flocks at the end of winter. Their plumage differs as to the time of the year and whether they are interested in breeding.

This wooden sculpture captures the bird’s optimism after the long winter.

Both male (the upper bird) and the female (lower bird) are carved of tupelo. They are indicative of my new dedication to detail. The intricate detail carving lends itself better to oil paints. The branch is brass.

The piece stands 9 inches high, and is in a private collection.

This 9 inch miniature portrays the typical posture of the great blue fisherman. They are often seen resting on one leg at the edge of wetlands.This bird carving is of tupelo. The intricate detail of the sculpture accurately depicts the distinct feathering of the various areas of the bird. It is painted in oils and is in a private collection.

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