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You’re Being Watched

This commissioned fine art wooden sculpture depicts the mysterious splendor of the snowy owl as seen in the marsh.   This snowy was designed to match the memory of a sighting by the collector  years ago. The carving was sized to fit an apartment and painted to accentuate its highlights so that it would be in harmony with its surroundings.

This splendid carving is nearly full sized. It stands nearly 14 inches high. It is carved from one piece of tupelo and painted in oils.

Hoo’s There?

Strix varia

This full-sized wall piece depicts a curious owl who wonders what is happening outside his nesting cavity.

The owl and tree are made of tupelo and painted with acrylic paints. It stands 19 inches tall. It is in a private collection.

Great Horned Owl Miniature

Bubo virginianus]

This 12 inch tall piece captures the quiet confidence of the tiger of the woods. It has the finest detail and painting of any of the birds done so far. It is world class in workmanship.

The owl and branch are of tupelo. The base is of seared maple burl. It was entered in the 2009 Ward World Championship Carving Competition, World Level. It is in a private collection.

Winter Surprise

[Strix nebulosa]

This commissioned piece depicts the hunting ability of the Great Gray Owl who hunts through snow by means of its acute sense of hearing. The drama of the hunt is yet to be played out. Will the field mouse survive? The sculpture is 17” tall, the Owl has 24” wingspan and is 15 “ tall. It is a one-half scale representation.

The base is white cedar. The mouse and owl are of tupelo painted with acrylics. Both animals are cantilevered on single digits.

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