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Madonna Duck, Completed

Finally, the finishing touches have been applied!! The duck was painted with oils, The chick was painted in acrylics. It has been warmly received in its new home.

Common Merganser Drake

Mergus merganser

This decorative decoy shows the beauty of one of the frequent visitors to the wetlands of the Northeast.This diving fish-eater is seen as one of the first ducks to return to open waters as the ice of winter subsides.

This commissioned piece is made of tupelo and is full-sized.


Aythya valisineria

This beauty is seen in the North and West in spring and summer and in the South year-round. The canvasback is a diving duck which requires a running start for take-off.

This sculpture, completed in Sept. 2006, was made of two pieces of tupelo wood.

This piece has been selected for inclusion in the 34th Annual Wild Wings Fall Festival Original Art Show and Sale in Lake City , MN, 2007. This show has been awarded the “Best Outdoor Show” by a national art publication.It has been purchased.

Wood Duck

Aix sponsa

Carving a duck in a resting pose is more difficult than it might seem. It takes skill to avoid the creation of a mere decoy. Jim succeeds here with practiced realism and brilliantly colored painting.

This piece is available for purchase.


Anas crecca

Carved from basswood, this teal was one of Jim’s earliest duck carvings.

It was sold to a private collector.

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