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Finally!!!  It is done!!! The base is a combination of cherry and big-leaf maple burl. It is available for purchase .

Edgewater Search

Falco columbarius

This carving represents a variation of the merlin seen in “Seaside Search“. The merlin again has a bead on a prey in the distance and is ready to launch. The feather separation is enhanced by a gust of wind. The diorama takes place on the stony side of an inland stream.

The merlin is of tupelo and the branch is of manufactured drift wood. The base is of natural maple burl. It is in a private collection.

Hunting Team

Buteo jamaicensis

This piece captures the symbiosis of the trained raptor and the falconer. The full-sized red-tailed hawk eagerly awaits the command to hunt.

The bird,glove and bell are carved of tupelo and finished in acrylic paints. The base is walnut. It may be purchased.

Accipiter cooperii

This sculpture depicts the scene after a hawk takes a prey. They will spread their wings and tail around the catch to ward off interlopers.

The bird is a life-sized male of tupelo. The base is walnut burl, carved to depict a forest floor. Close-ups are provided to show the intricate detail of the carving. This carving is in a private collection.

Bald Eagle Bust

Haliaeetus leucocephalus

This impressive life-sized piece was inspired by recent world events. Both the head and base are made of tupelo. It is in a private collection.

Accipiter striatus

This full-sized female captures your attention with the blood-red eyes of the little hunter. The attractive maple burl enhances the character of the piece.

This tupelo sculpture was commissioned as a retirement gift for a birder and is in a private collection.

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