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This spectacular wooden sculpture captures the moment when a peregrine falcon spins from horizontal to vertical at the start of the stoop. It is suspended from mono-filament line to enhance the dramatic effect, and spins in the breeze. This full-sized bird of prey is 14 inches long.

It is carved of tupelo, and painted in acrylics. It is an interpretation of a Floyd Scholz pattern. It is in a private collection.

Great Blue

This charming sculpture captures the subtle hues of sunset in the marsh as the great blue heron settles in for a rest. This realistic miniature wooden bird stands eleven inches high. The water is walnut and the bird is carved from tupelo.  It is  painted in mixed media. It has a nice home by a lake.

Downy Pair

This beautiful wall-mounted wooden sculpture displays a pair of downy woodpeckers. It depicts the tandem curiosity of these charming woodland dwellers. Downy woodpeckers may be seen at many local bird feeders. It contains a male and female.

The tree is made of tupelo and painted in mixed media. The woodpeckers are of tupelo and painted with oils.  The piece is in a private collection.



Life-Sized Chickadee

This delightful full-sized carving depicts the familiar little forest denizen. It is carved from a single piece of tupelo wood, and is painted in oils. The beautiful sculpture is in a private collection.

Butternut Pintail

This fine wood carving combines the beauty of the Pintail and the fine grain natural beauty of butternut wood. Its oil finish enhances the glow of the wood. It is in a private collection.

Flat Art

I recently renewed my interest in one-dimensional art. These are my latest attempts and may be available for purchase.


This sculpture depicts a Northern Yellow-Shafted Flicker as it banks in for a landing on a white birch tree. It displays the brilliant coloration that gives the bird its name. This life-sized wooden carving stands 16 inches high. It is balanced on two talons of steel.

The bird and tree are carved of tupelo and painted in acrylics. It is in a private collection.

Winter Redoux

This rendition of the beauty of the Snow Bunting  demonstrates the actual events of bird feathering. The bird sculptures were originally painted as summer plumage in acrylics. In real life, the feathers morph to the winter pattern, largely through wear, not through molting. I  needed to morph the feathering to winter with oil paints to achieve the intended pattern. Therefore, this sculpture was an exercise in painting which taught me a lot about mixed media and how to achieve more depth in my painting.

One set of primary feathers is done as a separately inserted piece on each bird. The inserts are of holly, and the birds are of tupelo.
The base is of manzanita. It stands 6 inches high.

It is in a private collection.

This latest carving of a ruby-throated hummingbird is on a maple burl base and painted in oils. It is in a private collection.   This fine piece of art would adorn any living space.




This life-sized wooden sculpture  displays the aggressive beauty of this woodland hunter as it surveys its domain. It is designed for wall mounting.

It is 23 inches high. The bird is carved  of tupelo, the mount is manzanita. It is painted in acrylics.

It is in a private collection.

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