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This full-sized commission was conceived in Floyd Scholz’s October event. It was modified to suit the owner. It stands nearly 34” high. It was additionally  inspired by the view of osprey and mullet near the purchaser’s home.

The bird is of tupelo and painted with acrylic paint. The base is of natural materials.


This beautiful commissioned sculpture is  approximately 2/3 life sized. It is 21 inches long, and 6″ wide and about 14″ high. It captures the intricate patterning of the pretty bird.

It is carved of tupelo and holly and painted with oils. It is in a private collection

Evening Grosbeaks

This beautiful wooden sculpture captures the grace of this little pair of forest beauties. The female assumes the more impressive position, while the male has the more impressive plumage. It incorporates the feeling of space and motion in the design.

The birds are carved of tupelo, the branch is brass and all are painted with oils. It is available for purchase.

Mandarin Duck

I finally completed the sculpture in time to enter in the 2016 Ward World Carving Championship, where it won a third place ribbon and cash award.

This wood duck-sized little beauty lives in the orient.This piece is life sized and carved of tupelo. The base is walnut. It is painted with acrylics and oil. It is available for purchase.

Bat Falcon

This life-sized falcon  is nearly the same size as an American Kestrel. It lives in Central-South America where it does hunt bats.

This life-sized charming wooden sculpture was conceived in Floyd Scholz’s October event in Bennington Vermont. It incorporates the feeling of the bird as well as the unusual aspect of motion. The cross branch will rotate 360 degrees, all the while maintaining the design composition.

It is fabricated of tupelo, and painted with acrylics. The bat is also tupelo and acrylics. It is available for purchase.

Chesshire Screech

This whimsical wooden sculpture captures the expression of a nocturnal predator caught in a sudden burst of sunlight. The life-sized carving is of tupelo, painted with acrylics. The base is carved of cherry and manzanita.

Woodie Hen

The wood duck hen is often thought of as drab and muted. Actually, there are multiple beautiful shades of iridescence seen throughout most of the feathering, especially the scapular and primary groups. This life-sized carving attempts to capture this shading. It is not seen as well in the photos as in the carving.

The duck is carved of tupelo, the base is lilac. It is in a private collection.

Dragone It

This full-sized wooden sculpture shows the pride of a successful hunt. The American Kestrel will predate large insects and small birds. Here it has taken a dragonfly.

It is carved of tupelo and painted in oils. The base is manzanita. It is in a private collection.



This miniature wooden sculpture captures the attitude of this brash bird. How many ravens have we seen in this posture announcing their presence.

The piece is a study in black and white. It’s difficult to photograph black and show the nuance of the color, but you can see that black is not purely black, and white is not pure either. A close look at the white rock brings the question- is it a rock or a skull? Hence Edgar. It is in a private collection.

It is carved of tupelo, painted in acrylics and stands four inches high.

Barntiful Beauty

This life-sized sculpture depicts the ethereal beauty of a barn owl high in the rafters. It is modeled after an owl I met at the Connecticut Audubon Society named Millie. Millie is a soft and gentle soul, and this piece captures her softness.

It is designed to be mounted on the wall, at or above eye level. The owl is carved of tupelo, the beam is carved of northern white cedar, and all are painted with acrylics. It placed second in the Birds of Prey Category, Advanced Division at the 2015 Ward World Carving Championships in Ocean City, MD.  It is in a private collection.

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