Northern Goshawk

This life-sized wooden sculptureĀ  displays the aggressive beauty of this woodland hunter as it surveys its domain. It is designed for wall mounting.

It is 23 inches high. The bird is carvedĀ  of tupelo, the mount is manzanita. It is painted in acrylics.

It is in a private collection.

3 thoughts on “Northern Goshawk”

  1. I am curious if you sell your works. I am interested in the northern goshawk, American kestrel and northern saw whet owl.

  2. This is a beautiful sculpture. I am looking for something similar to mount atop a character tree spiral staircase in our new log home. My wife’s departed father loved the Goshawk and often took her and her sister to Hawk Mountain in, PA. We anticipate the completion of the new house in July 2021. If you can direct me that would be greatly appreciated. Again beautiful bird.

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