Life-Sized Chickadee

This delightful full-sized carving depicts the familiar little forest denizen. It is carved from a single piece of tupelo wood, and is painted in oils. The beautiful sculpture is in a private collection.

Woodland Chickadee

This full-sized sculpture depicts this delightful little forest critter where it lives- in the woods. A carved bird feeder might be a more typical sighting. This wooden carving is done in a single piece of tupelo, and painted in oils. It lives in a private home.

Chickadee on Grass 08

Poecile atricapilla This latest entry in the chickadee collection is life-sized and captures the softness of the curious little bird. It depicts the uncertainty of its situation as it decides whether to stay or go. The base is native Vermont maple burl and the bird is of tupelo. The grass is made of brass. This piece is in a private collection.

Chickadee on Snow

Poecile atricapilla BELOW THE FEEDER. This charming life-sized sculpture depicts life in the winter. Should the hungry bird venture from his fluffed-up warmth to capture the seed? The bird and seed are of tupelo, the base is red cedar and the branch is steel wire. It is in a private collection and stands 5 inches high.

Chickadee on Grass

Poecile atricapilla This full sized piece captures the inquisitive nature of the little visitor to most bird feeders in the north east. The bird is made of tupelo, the grass is brass and the base is Brazilian walnut. It is in a private collection.

Chickadee on Wheat

Poecile atricapilla The solitary full-sized black capped chickadee is balanced on a sprig of wheat. It captures the appearance of these gregarious fellows as the weather is about to change. The bird is of tupelo and the wheat is constructed of brass rods. It is in a private collection.