Shore Birds

Preening Kingfisher

This wooden sculpture shows the beautiful coloration of the female belted kingfisher. This is one of the few species that has the female as the more colorful. The piece was commissioned to depict the activities of the bird as she awaits her prey high above the water.  It is a life-sized bird and a wall mount, which lends it to be placed high in the room to further tell the story. The bird and branch are carved of tupelo . The bird is painted with oils and the branch is done in acrylics. It resides in a  private collection.


This complex, intricately detailed sculpture  displays a common spring-time sight.  Mute swan pens will serve as a mobile refuge and rest area for offspring. They will carry their entire brood, sometimes as many as 10 fledglings. The miniature piece is carved of tupelo wood, and painted in acrylic. It is in a private collection. It is 7 inches high and 11 inches long.

Pied Billed Grebes

This lovely sculpture is notable from several directions. It is firstly a realistic depiction of the beauty of the species. These life-sized wooden carvings are painstakingly detailed and painted to reflect the actual birds and their plumage. The carving is also a study in the use of negative space. The marshland habitat is seen in the viewer’s imagination as the diorama flows in the composition of the piece. The life-style of the birds is shown in the playful antics of the immature siblings and the adults who may sun themselves on a warm log or swim among the lilly pads in search of lunch. The birds are carved of tupelo, the habitat is carved of cedar and both are painted with oils. This piece was inspired by Keith Mueller and is available for purchase.

Great Blue

This charming sculpture captures the subtle hues of sunset in the marsh as the great blue heron settles in for a rest. This realistic miniature wooden bird stands eleven inches high. The water is walnut and the bird is carved from tupelo.  It is  painted in mixed media. It has a nice home by a lake.

Marshland Majesty

It’s finally finished! This life-sized beautiful wooden sculpture stands 23″ high. It shows the majestic bird in a strong wind as it looks with curiosity towards a variation in its realm. Perhaps it is lunch. Perhaps it is danger. It displays the proud beauty of the breeding plumage. It stands on a ledge of Northern cedar. The bird is carved of tupelo, some feathers and legs are of holly. It is painted with mixed media. It is available for purchase.

The Fight for Survival

This life-sized sculpture depicts the plight of the critically endangered Spoon-Billed Sandpiper. There are  felt to be less than 200 nesting pairs in Northern Asia. The chicks are under the protective wing for only 1-2 days after hatching. This stunning creation is carved of a single piece of tupelo and painted with acrylics. It won a third place ribbon  at the 2013 Ward World Carving Championship in Ocean City, MD. It is in a private collection. It is approximately 4 inches high and 6 inches long. The bird  can be seen in the following link

Great Blue Heron Miniature

This 9 inch miniature portrays the typical posture of the great blue fisherman. They are often seen resting on one leg at the edge of wetlands.This bird carving is of tupelo. The intricate detail of the sculpture accurately depicts the distinct feathering of the various areas of the bird. It is painted in oils and is in a private collection.

Atlantic Puffin

This beautiful sculpture is completed! The entire piece is carved from tupelo wood.  This  fine art carving is painted in oils. It depicts the successful completion of the hunt .]This whimsical piece shows the clown-like plumage of the breeding season. The little hunter has just found a full creel of sand eels, and is looking for a potential mate to share them with. It is available for purchase. It placed 2nd in the Advanced Division, Sea Birds Category in 2012 Ward World Carving Championships. It is in a private collection.

Belted Kingfisher

This life-sized wood sculpture captures the ability of this little angler to hover above pools while looking for prey. It depicts the moment just before the bird tucks its wings and plummets into the eddy. This intricate carving is made of tupelo wood .  Tupelo is a wood found in southern bayous. It  allows the artist to provide the fine detail that is inherent to this art form because it is quite stable and the grain is not a problem. The base is walnut and the stand is cherry. It is painted in oils. It is in a private collection.

Green Heron

This stunning  piece captures the stealth of this little wetlands denizen. It is about to pounce from its mangrove root perch. The bird and roots are made of tupelo and are painted in acrylics. The feet are individually crafted of copper wire and epoxy.  It has some of the best examples of detail work yet. It is in a private collection. It won The Best in Show at the 2011 Southern Appalachian Artist Guild’s “Off the Wall” 3D Exhibit in Blue Ridge Georgia. It is full-sized, standing 5″ high.

Snowy Plover

This delightful little shorebird is caught in the midst of its curious inspection of the sea shore. It is life-sized and sculpted of tupelo. The grass is of copper. All are painted in acrylics.  It represents perhaps my best example of detailing yet. It is a commissioned piece and is now in the hands of the collector.


Calidris alba This energetic little wave racer is seen at the shore chasing receding waves in the search for lunch. The bird and beach are made of tupelo. This commissioned piece is in a private collection.