You’re Being Watched

This commissioned fine art wooden sculpture depicts the mysterious splendor of the snowy owl as seen in the marsh.   This snowy was designed to match the memory of a sighting by the collector  years ago. The carving was sized to fit an apartment and painted to accentuate its highlights so that it would be in harmony with its surroundings. This splendid carving is nearly full sized. It stands nearly 14 inches high. It is carved from one piece of tupelo and painted in oils.

Snowy Owl

  • Snowy

This  complex carving depicts the ethereal quality of this silent hunter of the north. It is 60% life-sized. The owl is of tupelo and the base is basswood. It is in a private collection.

Miniature Snowy Owl

Nyctea scandiaca Typically a bird of the tundra, these beautiful large owls have been seen in the U.S. as far south as Oklahoma. This miniature is 4X6 inches. The striking translucence of the alabaster captures the ethereal nature of these hunters. The piece is even more striking when back-lit. It is available for purchase.