Two Cute Hoots

Aegolius acadius This delightful piece portrays the friendliest of the owls. A bit of artistic license is seen in this interpretation of a Floyd Scholz design-they could certainly be love birds. Actually, we now know what happens in the woods on cold nights. The birds are carved of tupelo, the base is carved broad-leaf maple. It is in a private collection.

Twilight Tango

Aegolius acadius This commissioned piece depicts the dance of survival as played out in a snowy pine forest under a full moon. The quiet stealth of the diminutive hunter has been detected at the last second by the alarmed prey. Will the chickadee escape the saw-whet? Both full-sized birds and the stump are made of tupelo. The pine branch is made of steel and supports the owl with only four needles. All are painted with acrylics. The base is walnut.

Saw-Whet Owl

Aegolius acadicus This saw-whet owl perches comfortably on a pine branch, silently observing its surroundings. This life-size carving, completed in 2004, was commissioned for the private collection of an ornithologist.