Great Gray

Winter Surprise

[Strix nebulosa] This commissioned piece depicts the hunting ability of the Great Gray Owl who hunts through snow by means of its acute sense of hearing. The drama of the hunt is yet to be played out. Will the field mouse survive? The sculpture is 17” tall, the Owl has 24” wingspan and is 15 “ tall. It is a one-half scale representation. The base is white cedar. The mouse and owl are of tupelo painted with acrylics. Both animals are cantilevered on single digits.

Winter Strike

Strix nebulosa This piece captures the moment of a winter kill. The owl, having heard its prey under the snow, banks in and is about to pounce through the surface. One talon has touched the snow. The entire piece is suspended on the single talon. This miniature stands 8 inches high. It is made of tupelo, as is the snow and the base is basswood. It has been purchased by a private collector.