Category: Woodpecker, Pileated

  • Birch Shadows

    This life sized piece was used as a study in oils. It depicts the shadows at sunset in a birch forest. This is the best example yet of intricate detail work. The tree is tupelo and white cedar, the bird is tupelo, and the feet are carved of holly. It is in a private collection.

  • Papageno – Pileated Woodpecker Family IV

    Dryocopus pileatus The Piece is finally completed!! You can see the post before and after 9 hours of modification and sweat. The over-all effect is one of a broken tree in the forest.

  • Pileated Woodpecker Family III

    Dryocopus pileatus A sonotube was used to approximate the diameter of the post that the completed piece will be set into. The male adult has been completed and matched with the family.

  • Pileated Woodpecker Family II

    Dryocopus pileatus This shows continued progress of the bird family described in Pileated Woodpecker Family. The baby birds will appear in a hole carved in a beam. The sonotube is the same size as the beam. These photos are taken without the lighting and preparation that will be a part of the finished product. They […]

  • Pileated Woodpecker Family I

    Dryocopus pileatus This entry depicts the process involved in fabricating a commissioned piece showing an adult pileated woodpecker arriving at the nest and being greeted by offspring. The three babies (actually teenagers as they are nearly full-grown) are shown in various stages of fabrication. Check the site periodically to see them come to life.