Other Birds

Swallow Swarm

This adventurous piece was commissioned to capture the grace and beauty of swallows hunting at dusk. It is designed to enter the room from a corner and is mounted on the partial wing of the next bird. Each bird is separate and mounts to the next with steel supports. The birds and wing mounts are all carved of tupelo.  It is painted in oils.

Barn Swallow Family

This recently commissioned wooden sculpture depicts the rafters in a barn in spring. It shows the adult nurturing the young. It is a mobile piece in that the adult can be shown feeding any of the young in any position that fits the decor of the room. It is wall-mounted. The birds are carved of tupelo and painted in acrylics. It is at home in N. Carolina.    

Evening Grosbeaks

This beautiful wooden sculpture captures the grace of this little pair of forest beauties. The female assumes the more impressive position, while the male has the more impressive plumage. It incorporates the feeling of space and motion in the design. The birds are carved of tupelo, the branch is brass and all are painted with oils. It is available for purchase.


  This miniature wooden sculpture captures the attitude of this brash bird. How many ravens have we seen in this posture announcing their presence. The piece is a study in black and white. It’s difficult to photograph black and show the nuance of the color, but you can see that black is not purely black, and white is not pure either. A close look at the white rock brings the question- is it a rock or a skull? Hence Edgar. It is in a private collection. It is carved of tupelo, painted in acrylics and stands four inches high.

Downy Pair

This beautiful wall-mounted wooden sculpture displays a pair of downy woodpeckers. It depicts the tandem curiosity of these charming woodland dwellers. Downy woodpeckers may be seen at many local bird feeders. It contains a male and female. The tree is made of tupelo and painted in mixed media. The woodpeckers are of tupelo and painted with oils.  The piece is in a private collection.    

Open Wing Flicker

  This sculpture depicts a Northern Yellow-Shafted Flicker as it banks in for a landing on a white birch tree. It displays the brilliant coloration that gives the bird its name. This life-sized wooden carving stands 16 inches high. It is balanced on two talons of steel. The bird and tree are carved of tupelo and painted in acrylics. It is in a private collection.

Northern Flicker

This delightful full-sized sculpture captures the natural curiosity of the flicker. Does it see lunch on the other side of the tree? Does it hear lunch inside of the Birch. Does it wonder what has wandered into its domain? The bird and birch are carved of tupelo. The base is maple burl.  It is painted with mixed media. It is in a private collection.  


This interpretive sculpture utilizes rescued firewood ( spalted maple) to capture the essence of birds of prey. The emphasis of the eyes depicts the exquisite vision they incorporate in the hunt. It shows the demeanor and one of the tools of a professional killer. It stands 5 1/2 inches high and is available for purchase.

Out Of Chaos

This interpretive piece was born  of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  It  debuted at the 2011 Vermont Woodworking Show where one visitor was brought to tears by the piece. It is of juniper, mesquite, and cherry. It is in a private collection. It received Honorable Mention in the 2012 Ward World Carving Championship, Advanced Division, Interpretive Carving Category.

Birch Shadows

This life sized piece was used as a study in oils. It depicts the shadows at sunset in a birch forest. This is the best example yet of intricate detail work. The tree is tupelo and white cedar, the bird is tupelo, and the feet are carved of holly. It is in a private collection.

Willow Woos

The piece is finally done! It captures the unique nature of the  bonding that  occurs with crows. This pair is seen in the distinct texture of a willow tree. It also demonstrates that a black bird is not black. Highlights of magenta, deep blue and purples are seen. It was painted with oils. It is in  a private collection.