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The Moth Hunter

This fine wooden sculpture depicts the serene majesty of the long-eared owl. These denizens of the North Woods are seldom seen as they are quite nocturnal and shy. The Virginia creeper moth inhabits these woods as well.

This life-sized piece is made of tupelo and painted in oils. It stands 19 inches high.

The moth is also of tupelo and oils and is life-sized. The base is carved of multiple pieces and painted in acrylics. This beautiful wooden carving is available for purchase.

This miniature Red-shouldered Hawk stands 5 1/2 inches tall. It shows the majesty of the bird of prey as it warms itself in a sunspot. Or perhaps it is spreading out to appear larger than life to ward off a foe. The uniqueness of the carving allows the collector to adopt a story that fits his life-style. Such is art.

This finely detailed commissioned piece is carved in three parts of tupelo. It is painted in acrylics. A private collector now enjoys the work.

This is perhaps my finest representation of the majesty of the hunt. This agile woodland predator has successfully completed a foray and is proudly perched and considering lunch. The Snake is not happy, but still could escape.

This is a wall-mount design. The Hawk is made of tupelo, the base is tupelo and Hermanni wood. The snake is epoxy. They are painted with acrylics,

It is in a private collection.

This delightful sculpture shows that it’s all  in how you see it. From the mouse’s view, it can be worrisome; while from the kestrel’s  view, it’s beautiful. This piece was done at the Vermont Raptor  Academy’s October event 2010.

The kestrel and mouse are of  tupelo, the base is of  exotic African hardwood(petsmarticus) and Herrmann cherry.

It is in a private collection.

Finally!!!  It is done!!! The base is a combination of cherry and big-leaf maple burl. It is available for purchase .

Finally, it is complete! The piece shows three focal points:

  The big picture is of a set of cliffs in Northern Vermont on Mount Pisgah. It shows the beauty of Vermont in the fall with the majesty of the fall colors.

The central portion is a depiction of the view through a birder’s spotter scope as it captures the motion of a Peregrine Falcon in full stoop. It depicts the 45 degree angle of the dive and the spiral nature of the flight as seen in the over/underlapping wings.

The smallest focus is the wood ducks which are in flight mid-way between the birder and the cliff. The one bird has caught sight of the impending drama and has headed away from the diorama.

The judges did not appreciate the story, but the patron did!

This entry and the following posts show the process involved in the formation of a  carving from concept to completion.

This commissioned piece depicts  the beauty of Vermont in the fall, the skill of the hunter and the joy of birding. I took it to the Ward World Carving Championship to challenge the judge’s ability to appreciate subtlety. Can you figure it out?

Edgewater Search

Falco columbarius

This carving represents a variation of the merlin seen in “Seaside Search“. The merlin again has a bead on a prey in the distance and is ready to launch. The feather separation is enhanced by a gust of wind. The diorama takes place on the stony side of an inland stream.

The merlin is of tupelo and the branch is of manufactured drift wood. The base is of natural maple burl. It is in a private collection.

Two Cute Hoots

Aegolius acadius

This delightful piece portrays the friendliest of the owls. A bit of artistic license is seen in this interpretation of a Floyd Scholz design-they could certainly be love birds. Actually, we now know what happens in the woods on cold nights.

The birds are carved of tupelo, the base is carved broad-leaf maple. It is in a private collection.

Hunting Team

Buteo jamaicensis

This piece captures the symbiosis of the trained raptor and the falconer. The full-sized red-tailed hawk eagerly awaits the command to hunt.

The bird,glove and bell are carved of tupelo and finished in acrylic paints. The base is walnut. It may be purchased.

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