Hawk, Red-Tailed

Red-Tail on Branch

This highly detailed beautiful wooden sculpture depicts the furious curiosity of the red-tailed hawk. It is life-sized and stands 25 inches high. The bird is carved in tupelo and painted in acrylics and oils. It is in a private collecti0n.

Hunting Team

Buteo jamaicensis This piece captures the symbiosis of the trained raptor and the falconer. The full-sized red-tailed hawk eagerly awaits the command to hunt. The bird,glove and bell are carved of tupelo and finished in acrylic paints. The base is walnut. It may be purchased.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Buteo jamaicensis With one wing outstretched, this red-tailed hawk issues a call from atop its rocky perch. This carving is in 1/3-scale. This carving is in a private collection. Photographs of this piece were recently published as part of a gallery of photos in Denny Rogers’ new reference book The Illustrated Birds of Prey, published 2007, Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc.