Hawk, Harris’s

Harris’s Hawk, Female

Parabuteo unicinctus This life-sized sculpture is 25% larger than the male and stands nearly three feet high. This carving received an honorable mention at the 33rd Annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition (2003), in the category of Intermediate Life-size Birds of Prey, as well as 2nd place at Concours Quebecois d’Sculpture Oiseaux (2003), in the category of Full-Size Birds of Prey. It is in a private collection.

Harris’s Hawk Miniature

Parabuteo unicinctus No detail is spared on this miniature-scale carving, despite its small size. This harris’s hawk stands proudly over its prey, clutched tightly in its talons. It may be purchased.

Life-Size Harris’s Hawk, Male

Parabuteo unicinctus Standing at life-size scale, this award-winning carving of a fearsome Harris’s hawk features an ornate maple burl base and a piercing, steely gaze. This sculpture is of tupelo and is in a private collection.