Falcon, Peregrine

Puffin Peregrine

This life-sized wooden sculpture captures the drama of an engaged peregrine about to launch after prey. It envisions the rocky heights of its habitat. Seen in the rock face are visions of puffins-a frequent meal as both live near the coast. The base is cherry, the bird is tupelo and both are painted in oils. It is available for purchase.  

Peregrine Pirouette

This spectacular wooden sculpture captures the moment when a peregrine falcon spins from horizontal to vertical at the start of the stoop. It is suspended from mono-filament line to enhance the dramatic effect, and spins in the breeze. This full-sized bird of prey is 14 inches long. It is carved of tupelo, and painted in acrylics. It is an interpretation of a Floyd Scholz pattern. It is in a private collection.

Mt. Pisgah Pirouette III

Finally, it is complete! The piece shows three focal points:   The big picture is of a set of cliffs in Northern Vermont on Mount Pisgah. It shows the beauty of Vermont in the fall with the majesty of the fall colors. The central portion is a depiction of the view through a birder’s spotter scope as it captures the motion of a Peregrine Falcon in full stoop. It depicts the 45 degree angle of the dive and the spiral nature of the flight as seen in the over/underlapping wings. The smallest focus is the wood ducks which are in flight mid-way between the birder and the cliff. The one bird has caught sight of the impending drama and has headed away from the diorama. The judges did not appreciate the story, but the patron did!

Mt. Pisgah Pirouette

This entry and the following posts show the process involved in the formation of a  carving from concept to completion. This commissioned piece depicts  the beauty of Vermont in the fall, the skill of the hunter and the joy of birding. I took it to the Ward World Carving Championship to challenge the judge’s ability to appreciate subtlety. Can you figure it out?

Open-Wing Peregrine

Falco peregrinus This commission piece captures the proud vision of a successful hunt. the birds are of tupelo and the ornate base is walnut burl. Photographs of this piece were recently published as part of a gallery of photos in Denny Rogers’ new reference book The Illustrated Birds of Prey, published 2007, Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc.

Full-Sized Peregrine

Falco peregrinus This beautiful rendition captures the fierce curiosity of the hunter. It is aware that it is being observed from behind as it stretches in the first light. This piece stands nearly 30 inches high. The bird is tupelo, the base is walnut burl and the branch is lilac. It is in a private collecion.

Peregrine Family

Falco peregrinus This miniature rendition captures sunrise on the cliffs where peregrines are likely to nest. They will lay eggs directly on high ledges without any protection of nesting materials. The piece stands 12.5″ high and is comprised totally of tupelo wood. It is in a private collection.

Perched Peregrine

Falco peregrinus Formerly endangered, the peregrine is known for nesting virtually anywhere. This one is captured on a branch in a dynamic pose, perhaps just about to take flight. This carving, which is in a private collection, received 2nd place at the 32nd Annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition (2002), in the category of Novice Decorative Miniature Wildfowl – Birds of Prey.