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Puffin Peregrine

This life-sized wooden sculpture captures the drama of an engaged peregrine about to launch after prey.

It envisions the rocky heights of its habitat. Seen in the rock face are visions of puffins-a frequent meal as both live near the coast.

The piece was inspired by a seminar with Keith Mueller in Krausman’s studio in Michigan.

The base is cherry, the bird is tupelo and both are painted in oils. It is available for purchase.


Wall Mounted Gyrfalcon

This distinctive wooden sculpture captures the majesty of this elegant bird. It depicts the intensity of the hunter as it determines if the intruder in its territory is food or foe.

The carving is designed to capture the attention of the entire space upon which it is mounted and it will mount well on the left corner of an entrance to a room.

The life-sized bird and rocky crag are carved of tupelo wood. The falcon is painted in oils, the perch in acrylics. It is available for purchase.


This full-sized commission was conceived in Floyd Scholz’s October event. It was modified to suit the owner. It stands nearly 34” high. It was additionally  inspired by the view of osprey and mullet near the purchaser’s home.

The bird is of tupelo and painted with acrylic paint. The base is of natural materials.


Bat Falcon

This life-sized falcon  is nearly the same size as an American Kestrel. It lives in Central-South America where it does hunt bats.

This life-sized charming wooden sculpture was conceived in Floyd Scholz’s October event in Bennington Vermont. It incorporates the feeling of the bird as well as the unusual aspect of motion. The cross branch will rotate 360 degrees, all the while maintaining the design composition.

It is fabricated of tupelo, and painted with acrylics. The bat is also tupelo and acrylics. It is available for purchase.

Dragone It

This full-sized wooden sculpture shows the pride of a successful hunt. The American Kestrel will predate large insects and small birds. Here it has taken a dragonfly.

It is carved of tupelo and painted in oils. The base is manzanita. It is in a private collection.

This spectacular wooden sculpture captures the moment when a peregrine falcon spins from horizontal to vertical at the start of the stoop. It is suspended from mono-filament line to enhance the dramatic effect, and spins in the breeze. This full-sized bird of prey is 14 inches long.

It is carved of tupelo, and painted in acrylics. It is an interpretation of a Floyd Scholz pattern. It is in a private collection.

Northern Goshawk

This life-sized wooden sculpture  displays the aggressive beauty of this woodland hunter as it surveys its domain. It is designed for wall mounting.

It is 23 inches high. The bird is carved  of tupelo, the mount is manzanita. It is painted in acrylics.

It is in a private collection.

The Moth Hunter

This fine wooden sculpture depicts the serene majesty of the long-eared owl. These denizens of the North Woods are seldom seen as they are quite nocturnal and shy. The Virginia creeper moth inhabits these woods as well.

This life-sized piece is made of tupelo and painted in oils. It stands 19 inches high.

The moth is also of tupelo and oils and is life-sized. The base is carved of multiple pieces and painted in acrylics. This beautiful wooden carving is available for purchase.

This miniature Red-shouldered Hawk stands 5 1/2 inches tall. It shows the majesty of the bird of prey as it warms itself in a sunspot. Or perhaps it is spreading out to appear larger than life to ward off a foe. The uniqueness of the carving allows the collector to adopt a story that fits his life-style. Such is art.

This finely detailed commissioned piece is carved in three parts of tupelo. It is painted in acrylics. A private collector now enjoys the work.

This is perhaps my finest representation of the majesty of the hunt. This agile woodland predator has successfully completed a foray and is proudly perched and considering lunch. The Snake is not happy, but still could escape.

This is a wall-mount design. The Hawk is made of tupelo, the base is tupelo and Hermanni wood. The snake is epoxy. They are painted with acrylics,

It is in a private collection.

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