Atlantic Puffin

This beautiful sculpture is completed! The entire piece is carved from tupelo wood.  This  fine art carving is painted in oils. It depicts the successful completion of the hunt .]This whimsical piece shows the clown-like plumage of the breeding season. The little hunter has just found a full creel of sand eels, and is looking for a potential mate to share them with. It is available for purchase. It placed 2nd in the Advanced Division, Sea Birds Category in 2012 Ward World Carving Championships. It is in a private collection.

4 thoughts on “Atlantic Puffin”

  1. Just out of curiosity. How much would the Puffin, holding eels in its beak, cost?

    Thank you


  2. I am a wood carver as well and planning on carving a puffin to add to my collection. Can you give me some idea of demensions if this sea bird? Are you selling any of your Puffin Work?
    Bob Bishop
    Pennington, NJ

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