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Kestrel on Grass

This beautiful wooden sculpture is a product of the “October Event” at the Vermont Raptor Academy with Floyd Scholz. This dynamic piece is the result of Floyd’s commitment to “push the envelop” at this seminar. The bird is carved of tupelo and painted with acrylics. The grass is stainless steel and the base is marble. It is life sized and available for purchase.


This beautiful decorative decoy is fully detailed and painted with acrylics. It represents my modifications of a Pat Godin pattern, by changing it to a preening pose. This duck was used in a painting course with Pat in 2018 at Krausman’s. It is carved in tupelo and is life sized.


Mallard Hen

This life-sized, fully detailed wooden sculpture is carved in tupelo. It is painted in acrylics. It is taken from a pattern and study cast by Pat Godin. It represents the completion of a painting course done with Pat in 2017. It is available for purchase.

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