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This beautiful wall-mounted sculpture depicts the dichotomy of the male and female feathering patterns. This pair is frequently seen in the birches of the Northeast.

The birds and the tree are of tupelo and the branches are of holly, reworked birch and brass. They are life-sized.

It is in a private collection.


This full-sized commission was conceived in Floyd Scholz’s October event. It was modified to suit the owner. It stands nearly 34” high. It was additionally  inspired by the view of osprey and mullet near the purchaser’s home.

The bird is of tupelo and painted with acrylic paint. The base is of natural materials.


This beautiful commissioned sculpture is  approximately 2/3 life sized. It is 21 inches long, and 6″ wide and about 14″ high. It captures the intricate patterning of the pretty bird.

It is carved of tupelo and holly and painted with oils. It is in a private collection

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