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Barn Swallow Family

This recently commissioned wooden sculpture depicts the rafters in a barn in spring. It shows the adult nurturing the young. It is a mobile piece in that the adult can be shown feeding any of the young in any position that fits the decor of the room. It is wall-mounted.

The birds are carved of tupelo and painted in acrylics. It is at home in N. Carolina.



Canvasback Bust

This piece was completed some time ago and, for some reason, not placed on the website. It is a charming wooden sculpture that depicts the beauty of this drake. It is carved of tupelo and painted in oils. It is available.

Mallard Hen Study Cast

This beautiful duck is the product of an unique set of circumstances. The original duck was carved by Pat Godin who has won the World Carving Championship 15 or more times. He then had a resin cast made of the bird and used it to teach a painting class in Michigan at Krausman’s studio. So, in other words, it is a world class carving, painted by me.

It is full sized, 6 1/2 X 12 1/2 inches. It is available for purchase.



Butternut Teal

This sculpture addresses the basic form of a full-sized teal. This shape is then enhanced by the innate beauty of the grain configurations seen in polished and oiled butternut wood. Feather patterns and wing designs can easily be discerned.

This beauty is 5 X 9 inches. It is available for purchase.

This life-sized wooden sculpture captures the drama of an engaged peregrine about to launch after prey.

It envisions the rocky heights of its habitat. Seen in the rock face are visions of puffins-a frequent meal as both live near the coast.

The piece was inspired by a seminar with Keith Mueller in Krausman’s studio in Michigan.

The base is cherry, the bird is tupelo and both are painted in oils. It is available for purchase.


Barn Owl Miniature

This delightful half-sized wooden sculpture portrays the intensity of the hunt. This silent hunter has obviously prey in sight. It captures the moment before lift-off.

The piece stands seven inches high and is seven inches long. It is carved of tupelo and painted with acrylics. It is available for purchase.


This complex, intricately detailed sculpture  displays a common spring-time sight.  Mute swan pens will serve as a mobile refuge and rest area for offspring. They will carry their entire brood, sometimes as many as 10 fledglings.

The miniature piece is carved of tupelo wood, and painted in acrylic. It is available for purchase. It is 7 inches high and 11 inches long.

This distinctive wooden sculpture captures the majesty of this elegant bird. It depicts the intensity of the hunter as it determines if the intruder in its territory is food or foe.

The carving is designed to capture the attention of the entire space upon which it is mounted and it will mount well on the left corner of an entrance to a room.

The life-sized bird and rocky crag are carved of tupelo wood. The falcon is painted in oils, the perch in acrylics. It is available for purchase.

This lovely sculpture is notable from several directions. It is firstly a realistic depiction of the beauty of the species. These life-sized wooden carvings are painstakingly detailed and painted to reflect the actual birds and their plumage.

The carving is also a study in the use of negative space. The marshland habitat is seen in the viewer’s imagination as the diorama flows in the composition of the piece.

The life-style of the birds is shown in the playful antics of the immature siblings and the adults who may sun themselves on a warm log or swim among the lilly pads in search of lunch.

The birds are carved of tupelo, the habitat is carved of cedar and both are painted with oils.

This piece was inspired by Keith Mueller and is available for purchase.

This beautiful wall-mounted sculpture depicts the dichotomy of the male and female feathering patterns. This pair is frequently seen in the birches of the Northeast.

The birds and the tree are of tupelo and the branches are of holly, reworked birch and brass. They are life-sized.

It is in a private collection.

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